I'm With The (Lap) Band

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

THE List

Ok...I think about this all of the time My list of "NSVs" - Non scale victories. Things I want to be able to do but feel hindered from doing because of the weight.

Now is time to write them down - so we can revisit them from time to time so we can "tick" them off. So here they are...in no particular order. Some are serious - others quite silly - but they are what I think about...

  1. To ride roller coasters again. (Always has been my #1 reason. ha!)
  2. To wear jeans – real zip-up, button at the top blue jeans
  3. To let someone else be behind the camera for once (Of course, this will involve me giving up creative control over the pictures’ composition.)
  4. To be able to scoot the car seat up out of the farthest position
  5. To get on a plane and not have to surreptitiously ask the nearest flight attendant for an extender
  6. To be able to tie my shoes like they were intended to be tied - and not where they are hanging off the side of the shoe for me to step on and untie when I’m exactly where I can’t easily re-tie them. (It’s a visual thing - know that I understand it…)
  7. Have the “challenged” guy on the morning train talk to me (he only speaks to the “pretty girls”) (I know – why would I want the “challenged” guy to talk to me in the first place – it’s just that witty conversation starter he has – “You are so pretty…” )
  8. To be able to buy a ticket on Southwest Airlines without having to worry about whether or not they’ll submit me to the “Armrest Test.” (If it weren’t for the low prices on their flights, I honestly wouldn’t patronize them – since they are so patronizing to overweight people.)
  9. To be able to go into Dillards or Macy’s and buy an outfit that fits right.
  10. To walk into a restaurant and not worry about whether they have tables vs. booths
  11. To be healthy enough to conceive a child, have a healthy pregnancy and birth and then be able to tote and run after that child
  12. To have a major pillow fight with my nephew without getting winded or just giving up ‘cause I have no upper arm strength
  13. To have the energy to work in the yard (Desire to work in the yard is a whole different subject.)
  14. Be thin enough to ride a horse again.
  15. Be thin enough to take a helicopter ride without paying double.
  16. To feel comfortable going out to clubs and concerts without worrying about the stares and seating. (Yes, this is a problem even with DH with me.)
  17. Be able to take a bath vs. a shower at home (without having the bathroom redone to include a garden tub.)
  18. Be able to take a bath in my Mom’s Jacuzzi tub without having my fat legs stop up the return suction.
  19. Be able to get out of the car without moaning and groaning the whole way.
  20. Be able to take the stairs – not only when I have to – but when I just want to!
  21. To not have to get the doctor or nurse to find the “large” BP cuff.
  22. Be able to go on vacation and get the T-shirt – ‘cause it doesn’t matter whether or not the store carries the extended sizes.
  23. To have clothes to bring to a clothing swap that others might be able to actually use
  24. To be thin enough to determine whether or not my hip hurts because of the weight – or because of some other factors.
  25. To be able to not worry about sitting on the floor or the ground for fear that A.) somone will see me attempting to get up, B.) not having something to steady me while I get up or C.) just not be able to get up at all!

I'm sure I'll add to these - but for now, it's a start...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Amazing How Protein Makes You Feel

Or maybe it's just something besides liquid foods going into my body - but I'm so thankful for things like mashed potatoes, food processed tuna salad, vegetarian refried beans, cottage cheese...

I only had like 350 calories yesterday - but they were wonderful calories that made me feel so much better than all of the soup for the last few days.

Today, I'm going to get my protein up to what I'm supposed to be getting.

I'm trying to keep track of things I've eaten using http://www.fitday.com. It's not quite as good as Weight Watchers' online program in that they don't have as extensive of a database of foods - so if it's not there, you have to either have the label or guess at the information. BUT it does give you an idea of where you are getting your nutrition - the pie charts really help with figuring out the percentage of protein vs. carb vs. fats. You can track your weight and exercise there, too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

2 week Post-Op Visit

I went for my visit with Dr. B today - he said I'm healing beautifullyand that the gas and nausea are something that many people feel andthat it WILL go away.

Hope so!!I didn't even have a chance to ask him about the mushies - he just said to go ahead and start to introduce them in .... YAY!!!

I hadmashed taters for dinner. Amazing - before I could eat about 3/4 ofthe pan - tonight, I had about 1/3 cup - and was FULL.

I've lost 18 lbs since my pre-op visit - and 35 since the day I beganthe Myocel regimen pre-op. I know this pace won't continue - but it's a good leap start!

It's Snowing!!

Whoa! It's snowing! It could actually be a white Christmas here!! Ok...it's Texas - so it'll probably be 80 degrees on Saturday! HA!

Today is day 14 after surgery - am supposed to be going to the doctor this afternoon - but who knows if they'll stay open if the weather gets TOO bad. I really need to see him, though.

Last night was a little better with the nausea - it seems to really hit when I'm walking or being active. This is NOT good. It's supposed to be the opposite.

I still believe that if I were able to eat some protein - as opposed to drinking it - that I would feel better. (Mainly because I'm not really drinking it, either - since I can't stand it any more.)

I am anxious to see what - if anything - I've lost.

(It's funny - people keep walking up and looking at me like "When's it going to fall off?" HA! It's a SLOOoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww process. I didn't get this way overnight and it's not going to go overnight. BUT, at least this time it's going to GO!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Big Ball of Ick...

I love mornings - I feel great every morning - but about 3 pm every afternoon, the gas bubbles up and by the end of the evening I'm just a big ball of ICK! Is this normal?

As advised, I went walking to try to get rid of the gassies - walked through PetSmart - and Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday Morning is where I got so sick I thought I'd throw up. The little cashier asked if I needed an ambulance. (I don't think I looked THAT bad - I think she just wanted a little excitement for the front of the store...)

I don't know if I really feel that nauseated - or if I'm just so frightened of throwing up and messing something up that I freak myself out about it.

I do have my 2 week followup with Dr. B tomorrow - hopefully, he will help me put a finger on what's going on.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

1 week out...

Today I've been banded for one whole week.

No, I don't know how much I've lost. I'll find that out on Sunday when I go to the BandBuddies Support Group Meeting.

For having had surgery last week, this has sure been a busy week!

I spent most of the first few days laying in the recliner and going "ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!" I did get out a couple of times.

Friday, I went with my Mom to get a recipe book at the kitchen store at the local outlet mall. As I was walking gingerly through the store, the sales clerk asked me if I was ok. I proceeded to tell her about the surgery and all. She told me that the manager at the front had had the RNY (Bypass) and had lost 160 lbs. As I was checking out, she told the manager about it. Manager asked me when I had it done and when I said "Wednesday" (and this was 2 days later), she dropped the stack of things that she was arranging. HA! She said she'd been through about 4 different surgeries since the big one to "fix" things. She was happy with her choice, though. I'm happy with mine, too. I may not get there as fast as she did - it took her about 16 months - but I'll get there, too.

Sunday, I went to church in the morning and then Sunday evening, I went for a little shopping with Alek and Mama to look for an area rug for the living room. Very happy with Home Depot and The Great Indoors. They had those motorized carts there and I took advantage of each of them. I never could have made it through those stores that night walking.

Monday, I spent most of the day here, but then I went to my first Bandlandia support group meeting. What fun! Cynthia really has a great group going there and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Tuesday, I spent the day here waiting for furniture to be delivered and the appliance repairman to show up. Quick note - if you move to Plano and your dishwasher doesn't work, let me know. I might be able to save you a $55 service call. UGH! $55 to flip a switch! You know - that switch on the wall that goes to nothing...that you can flip on and off all day and it does nothing. Well, mine goes to the Dishwasher!!

Tuesday night, we went to dinner with our Community group from church. I really am enjoying these people. It's quite a fun group! This Saturday we've adopted a family for Christmas and are taking the kids to The Main Event.

Today, I went out for my Laser Hair Removal treatment and then went for a little bit of shopping. My friend Dee Dee and I went to Big Lots, Target and Toys R Us. (Ugh!) I got to shop for the 3 year old in our adopted family. I shouldn't be allowed out with the checkbook for that type of shopping trip when I haven't done ANY holiday shopping yet. I kinda went crazy with it all! Oh well!

Tomorrow, I go back to work at the office. It's going to be a long day - our Christmas party is tomorrow night, too. I'm going to drive in to work, though, so if I need to at different times, I can go to the garage and sleep for a bit in the car. I'm not sure when I'll rest again....maybe New Year's....

Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm a Bandster!

Ok...sorry this is a little late for those of you who watch this page.

I was banded on Wednesday, December 8. I was there bright and early at 8 am and by 9 am, they had me back in the back, getting ready.

As usual, it took about 4 sticks to get my IV going - and I have about 3 lovely bruises to show for it.

One of my pastors - Kyung - was there to be with Alek and my Mom before I went in and came back and prayed with us prior to surgery. Definitely helped calm me down a bit after being the human pincushion. (I really need to write about our new church some day - can't remember if I have. It's awesome!)

The Anesthesiologist came in and put something in the IV and I remember my head falling back, Mama asking me if I was feeling it and that's it.

I woke up about 11 am - wondering if they had done it already.

Then, it was a waiting game. My back hurt like hell, my mouth was super dry and I wanted out of that bed. I was the surgeon's only surgery that day, so he went back to his office during my recovery to meet with patients - and while I should have been out of there around 2 or so, it was almost 4:15 pm before he could get back to review my post-op x-ray. I couldn't take a drink or any pain meds until he did that.

My back STILL doesn't feel right. BUT, I usually have referred pain to my back. So, while my tummy and front don't hurt that much, my back is killing me. This may be a blessing - but I'm not too sure right now.

Now, for the statistics. As I went into surgery, after 3 weeks on the Myocel and lean meat and 1-2 carbs per day, I had lost 21.5 lbs.

Someday, I'll be comfortable letting people know where my starting point is - but for now, just know I'm already a loser. I've been told that as I'm able to add real food to my diet in a couple of weeks - right now I'm on nasty broth and yogurt and water and protein drinks - I'll gain some - if not all of that back - since I'll have no restriction in my band. I hope I can keep from doing that - but will not be too disappointed if that happens. I know that this is a process - not a race. I'm going to get there - it just won't be tomorrow. It will be a healthy, steady process!

Monday, December 06, 2004

I'm already a loser!

Went in today for my pre-op in anticipation of Wednesday's banding.

I realized I've lost a lot of things in these past three weeks on Myocel.

1. I've lost my desire for Diet Colas. I haven't had one in three
weeks (and we're talking about a gal who had at LEAST 50 oz per day!)!

2. I've lost my wondering about not only IF I can do a three week
diet that has liquids as a major part of it, but also if it was really
necessary. I've discovered that I CAN do it - and stick to it
faithfully - but have also discovered that it may be necessary for the
purposes of shrinking the liver for the doc, but it's also been
necessary for shrinking my mind's focus on food. If I'd have been
able to eat "whatever" up 'til tomorrow night, I think that the next
few weeks of liquids would have been MUCH harder to take.

3. I'm sure there's more I've lost in the last three weeks - but most
importantly for me, I've lost 17 lbs already!! (Granted, I have a lot
more to lose than most of you...)

So there....I'm Liz. I'm a Loser! And I'm PROUD!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I have a date!!!

Surgery is FINALLY scheduled for December 8, 2004!!

With Dr. Benavides at the Surgery Center of Richardson.

Gotta be there at 6:30 AM - for this, I think I can get up early!!