I'm With The (Lap) Band

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Did I tell you? I took my first Yoga class last night...

Let me also tell you - I took my LAST yoga class last night.

NOT for me! (At least not right yet.) Maybe in another 100 lbs and MAYBE if my hip ever decides to play nice...

I did make it through 30 minutes of the torture session before they started moving - from floor to standing to floor to standing to squatting - all in rather rapid succession.

But for now, I'm leaving the yoga to Alek and will stick with the pool work and the treadmill and bike work.

No downward facing dog, no hero's pose, no warrior's pose, no whatever the heck other poses that woman tried to torture me with...UGH!

My mom did give me a Yoga for Klutzes book a while back. Maybe I'll ease my way into the whole thing with that someday.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Revisiting my NSV List

Way back when - when I started this journey - I put together my own list of Non-Scale Vistories (NSV's).

I've spent the last 3 weeks hating my band - it made my vacation not as pleasant as I would have liked - so I figured that I would see where my list is right now.

Things are progressing - maybe not as quickly as I'd like at times...but they ARE progressing!

Today I hit my mini-goal of -75 lbs! 11 months ago today I had this surgery - and know that if I hadn't, I would not be down 75 lbs.

My BMI has gone from 62.5 to 49.5 - under 50!!

Now to the next goal of 100 lbs gone!

NSV List

1. To ride roller coasters again. (Always has been my #1 reason. ha!)
2. To wear jeans – real zip-up, button at the top blue jeans DONE!
3. To let someone else be behind the camera for once (Of course, this will involve me giving up creative control over the pictures’ composition.)
4. To be able to scoot the car seat up out of the farthest position DONE!
5. To get on a plane and not have to surreptitiously ask the nearest flight attendant for an extender
6. To be able to tie my shoes like they were intended to be tied - and not where they are hanging off the side of the shoe for me to step on and untie when I’m exactly where I can’t easily re-tie them. (It’s a visual thing - know that I understand it…) DONE!
7. Have the “challenged” guy on the morning train talk to me (he only speaks to the “pretty girls”) (I know – why would I want the “challenged” guy to talk to me in the first place – it’s just that witty conversation starter he has – “You are so pretty…” ) DONE!
8. To be able to buy a ticket on Southwest Airlines without having to worry about whether or not they’ll submit me to the “Armrest Test.” (If it weren’t for the low prices on their flights, I honestly wouldn’t patronize them – since they are so patronizing to overweight people.)
9. To be able to go into Dillards or Macy’s and buy an outfit that fits right.
10. To walk into a restaurant and not worry about whether they have tables vs. booths DONE!
11. To be healthy enough to conceive a child, have a healthy pregnancy and birth and then be able to tote and run after that child
12. To have a major pillow fight with my nephew without getting winded or just giving up ‘cause I have no upper arm strength
13. To have the energy to work in the yard (Desire to work in the yard is a whole different subject.) DONE! LOVE working on my backyard pond!
14. Be thin enough to ride a horse again.
15. Be thin enough to take a helicopter ride without paying double.
16. To feel comfortable going out to clubs and concerts without worrying about the stares and seating. (Yes, this is a problem even with DH with me.)
17. Be able to take a bath vs. a shower at home (without having the bathroom redone to include a garden tub.)
18. Be able to take a bath in my Mom’s Jacuzzi tub without having my fat legs stop up the return suction.
19. Be able to get out of the car without moaning and groaning the whole way. DONE! MOST of the time...
20. Be able to take the stairs – not only when I have to – but when I just want to!
21. To not have to get the doctor or nurse to find the “large” BP cuff.
22. Be able to go on vacation and get the T-shirt – ‘cause it doesn’t matter whether or not the store carries the extended sizes. DONE!
23. To have clothes to bring to a clothing swap that others might be able to actually use
24. To be thin enough to determine whether or not my hip hurts because of the weight – or because of some other factors.