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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rough Sunday

Got up this morning and Alek and I hit a garage sale before going to breakfast and then on to church.

Found a beautiful set of Peal necklaces for 5 bucks. Three necklaces and a bracelet. Knotted in between each pearl. Quality strands - yes, I know they are fake pearls - but they are NICE fakes. (Also got a new game. It's been a good garage sale weekend - have a few things to show for less than $15.)

Then we get to breakfast. As usual, it's Aparicio's - but since this last fill, I've been a little tight. Last night at dinner, I had a piece of cheese first and that was all I could do. 1 stinkin' little piece of cheese. After packing up my 1/3 of the meal that we were sharing, I just asked for some of their soup to go. Once I was home, I was able to down the soup. My dinner still sits out there in the fridge.

So we get to Aparicio's this morning and I ask Perla for a cup of coffee - hoping to loosen up my band a bit before I tried to eat a bite or two of breakfast.

A bite or two would have been nice. I wasn't even able to drink the coffee!! And I'm just miserable...so I came home and have been lying down.

I called Cynthia and we talked about it and have decided that I'm going back into Dr. M's office tomorrow - just so I can have a little taken out. Not eating is one thing - not getting my caffeine is another!


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