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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

1 week out...

Today I've been banded for one whole week.

No, I don't know how much I've lost. I'll find that out on Sunday when I go to the BandBuddies Support Group Meeting.

For having had surgery last week, this has sure been a busy week!

I spent most of the first few days laying in the recliner and going "ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!" I did get out a couple of times.

Friday, I went with my Mom to get a recipe book at the kitchen store at the local outlet mall. As I was walking gingerly through the store, the sales clerk asked me if I was ok. I proceeded to tell her about the surgery and all. She told me that the manager at the front had had the RNY (Bypass) and had lost 160 lbs. As I was checking out, she told the manager about it. Manager asked me when I had it done and when I said "Wednesday" (and this was 2 days later), she dropped the stack of things that she was arranging. HA! She said she'd been through about 4 different surgeries since the big one to "fix" things. She was happy with her choice, though. I'm happy with mine, too. I may not get there as fast as she did - it took her about 16 months - but I'll get there, too.

Sunday, I went to church in the morning and then Sunday evening, I went for a little shopping with Alek and Mama to look for an area rug for the living room. Very happy with Home Depot and The Great Indoors. They had those motorized carts there and I took advantage of each of them. I never could have made it through those stores that night walking.

Monday, I spent most of the day here, but then I went to my first Bandlandia support group meeting. What fun! Cynthia really has a great group going there and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Tuesday, I spent the day here waiting for furniture to be delivered and the appliance repairman to show up. Quick note - if you move to Plano and your dishwasher doesn't work, let me know. I might be able to save you a $55 service call. UGH! $55 to flip a switch! You know - that switch on the wall that goes to nothing...that you can flip on and off all day and it does nothing. Well, mine goes to the Dishwasher!!

Tuesday night, we went to dinner with our Community group from church. I really am enjoying these people. It's quite a fun group! This Saturday we've adopted a family for Christmas and are taking the kids to The Main Event.

Today, I went out for my Laser Hair Removal treatment and then went for a little bit of shopping. My friend Dee Dee and I went to Big Lots, Target and Toys R Us. (Ugh!) I got to shop for the 3 year old in our adopted family. I shouldn't be allowed out with the checkbook for that type of shopping trip when I haven't done ANY holiday shopping yet. I kinda went crazy with it all! Oh well!

Tomorrow, I go back to work at the office. It's going to be a long day - our Christmas party is tomorrow night, too. I'm going to drive in to work, though, so if I need to at different times, I can go to the garage and sleep for a bit in the car. I'm not sure when I'll rest again....maybe New Year's....


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