I'm With The (Lap) Band

Monday, May 16, 2005


I'm sick right now. Ok...normally, this wouldn't be something to cheer about. BUT, this continued fever I have caused by a bad case of bronchitis (is there ever a good case ) made me go visit my Primary Care Physician.

This is the man who after I had lost several pounds on Weight Watchers thought I wasn't losing fast enough. We had a "Come to Jesus" meeting about my weight and he's been much more supportive once I convinced him that the number on the scale wasn't the whole story. (That was the day I refused to stand on the scale for him or his nurse. He wanted to know for "his records" and I told him that I felt like he was focusing too hard on the numbers and not enough on everything else - i.e., clothes fitting better, my breathing being better, etc.)

He was very supportive of my surgery and was anxious to follow up with me to see how I've been doing. I haven't been to him since banding and today was that day.

When I got there, the nurse just directed me to the exam room and did the BP (116/84) and Pulse (74).

When he came in, the first thing he said was "Did you go through with the surgery?" When I said yes, he said, "Well, let's see how you are doing." So we went in there.

Let me say - I love his scales. I weighed in on his scales today - and I think they were jumping up and down more than I was!! By his scale, I am down 57 lbs and am below a point I've not been below in probably 10 years or more.

The "shhh..." comes about because after 10 years of being on Weight Watchers and various and sundry other diet programs, I have always gotten to this particular weight and it's at that exact point that I give up, get bored, go back to my old ways. I've lost from my high point (which is the normal point that I get to before I say "Whoa, I've GOT to do SOMETHING") down to this exact weight (which is the normal point I get to when I say, "Whoo hoo, I don't need to pay for this support anymore, I've got this thing licked! - and then start lickin' the ice cream cones again - and not the skinny cow variety).

Now I'm sayin' Shhhh....'cause I'm not wanting to wake up that part of my brain that says "Nope...don't need this anymore." I know I don't have this thing licked yet...but you know what? I have got the GREATEST tool in the world to help me lick it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

NYC to LA and Back Home

Spent a busy couple of weeks away from home - living in hotels and eating in restaurants.

I used to love this - but this time, I just knew I'd come back with about 40 of the pounds I'd lost back on me. I ate well - in NYC at several Italian restaurants (where I learned Italian doesn't have to mean Pasta!) - and in LA - at most of my favorite places (Pastrami at Abe's Deli, Dinner at Seoul Jung Korean BBQ, Tapas at Cafe TuTu Tango and Gnocchi at Ciao!)

Best of all was the home cooking from my Mother in law and the Persian/Armenian food with the family and friends. Just can't beat it!

After eating my way 'cross country, I managed to even lose a pound - not gaining the 40 it felt like. I guess I just get full on much less these days.

I'll bet if I had been able (willing?) to get out and exercise, I might have lost even more!

Oh well. Down 51 and counting... I'm definitely NOT complaining!