I'm With The (Lap) Band

Monday, December 06, 2004

I'm already a loser!

Went in today for my pre-op in anticipation of Wednesday's banding.

I realized I've lost a lot of things in these past three weeks on Myocel.

1. I've lost my desire for Diet Colas. I haven't had one in three
weeks (and we're talking about a gal who had at LEAST 50 oz per day!)!

2. I've lost my wondering about not only IF I can do a three week
diet that has liquids as a major part of it, but also if it was really
necessary. I've discovered that I CAN do it - and stick to it
faithfully - but have also discovered that it may be necessary for the
purposes of shrinking the liver for the doc, but it's also been
necessary for shrinking my mind's focus on food. If I'd have been
able to eat "whatever" up 'til tomorrow night, I think that the next
few weeks of liquids would have been MUCH harder to take.

3. I'm sure there's more I've lost in the last three weeks - but most
importantly for me, I've lost 17 lbs already!! (Granted, I have a lot
more to lose than most of you...)

So there....I'm Liz. I'm a Loser! And I'm PROUD!


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