I'm With The (Lap) Band

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Good Sunday afternoon to all of you who are still there - sneaking an occasional peek to see if I'm still alive and kicking...I hope this day is as beautiful for you all as it has been for us here in North Central Texas. Absolutely outstanding!

So much time has gone by since my last real post - my one year bandiversary passed without a mention. Christmas and travels west to L.A. went by without tales being told. Work has been done - play has been had -

So here's the Cliff's Notes Version of my Bandiversary time:

On my Bandiversary - 12/08/05 - I had lost a total of 82 lbs. I had also lost a total of 47 inches from neck down to calves with the majority being in my waist (9.5 inches) and hips (8.5 inches).

I had to have an unfill in December because I couldn't do anything but take 2 bites and get stuck. He re-filled me in January and it's been up and down since then.

I've been fairly lax in the last few months - stress has been a major factor in my not focusing on losing weight. I've spent too much time so stressed out about other things (Not band related) that my band would tighted up and I couldn't eat. So I didn't. Or I ate whatever would go down easily - not worrying about nutritional aspects of what I was eating.

In doing that, I've hit a major plateau. I've lost a total of 4 lbs since that Bandiversary Date - and gained them back - and lost them and gained them and lost them. But, as I said, I know what I've done wrong and am working to get back on track.

I need to make myself accountable - to my band - to my health - to this blog - as silly as that last one sounds, I think it helps me wrap my head around what I'm doing wrong - and what I'm doing right.

Your job, dear friends, (I know - you didn't ask for this!) is to keep me accountable to it - keep me blogging...if I don't show up for a while, hound me to post. Even if it's about what I'm knitting at the moment. Writing is a cathartic experience for me - it calms my soul and makes me re-focus on what I'm doing.

So, I am still here...and still have this band inside of me - even though I've not used it as well as I should the last few months, it's still an amazing tool that has allowed me the time to take a little breather - and yet not gain the weight I would have if I'd been on any other plan.

Basically, right now, the plateau has been good for me. It's shown me that this Band is a tool that truly does work - but it's also been a time to let me come to the personal realization of what I preach to others - that I've got to be the one to plug it in and turn it on for it to accomplish it's goal. It might be a little rusty right now, but it's still in great shape and keeping things even while I get the gloves on and start cranking it up again.

Til next time -