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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Big Ball of Ick...

I love mornings - I feel great every morning - but about 3 pm every afternoon, the gas bubbles up and by the end of the evening I'm just a big ball of ICK! Is this normal?

As advised, I went walking to try to get rid of the gassies - walked through PetSmart - and Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday Morning is where I got so sick I thought I'd throw up. The little cashier asked if I needed an ambulance. (I don't think I looked THAT bad - I think she just wanted a little excitement for the front of the store...)

I don't know if I really feel that nauseated - or if I'm just so frightened of throwing up and messing something up that I freak myself out about it.

I do have my 2 week followup with Dr. B tomorrow - hopefully, he will help me put a finger on what's going on.


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