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Friday, May 13, 2005

NYC to LA and Back Home

Spent a busy couple of weeks away from home - living in hotels and eating in restaurants.

I used to love this - but this time, I just knew I'd come back with about 40 of the pounds I'd lost back on me. I ate well - in NYC at several Italian restaurants (where I learned Italian doesn't have to mean Pasta!) - and in LA - at most of my favorite places (Pastrami at Abe's Deli, Dinner at Seoul Jung Korean BBQ, Tapas at Cafe TuTu Tango and Gnocchi at Ciao!)

Best of all was the home cooking from my Mother in law and the Persian/Armenian food with the family and friends. Just can't beat it!

After eating my way 'cross country, I managed to even lose a pound - not gaining the 40 it felt like. I guess I just get full on much less these days.

I'll bet if I had been able (willing?) to get out and exercise, I might have lost even more!

Oh well. Down 51 and counting... I'm definitely NOT complaining!


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