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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fill 'er up!

Had my first fill today at Dr. Maese's office.

Wow - didn't know what to expect - had been kind of worried about it.

What a waste of energy it was to worry about it - it was NOTHING!

I laid down on a table and Dr. M used a sonogram machine to find the port - then said, "That's it." I said, "That's WHAT?" - and he had already stuck the needle in and put 3.2 cc's of saline in the band and I was done!

Then we walked across the hall to the room with the fluoroscope machine and he took a picture of it to see what kind of restriction I had and we saw the little trickle going through and he gave me a copy of the polaroid picture of the whole thing - so I have something for my scrapbook. If I can get it scanned, I'll put it on here...

All done in about 5 minutes - no fuss, no muss. Easy peasy!

Oh...and down an official 40 lbs.


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