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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fill #5

When I got on the scales at Dr. Maese's office this morning, they said the same thing that they said on September 13 when I went in for Fill #4. UGH!

(I'm still counting the 3 lbs that my "regular" scales say I've lost!) OF course, after the last two days of being able to eat any and everything - AND DOING IT - I don't doubt I've gained back that three pounds. Don't know what it was this week...

Otherwise, though, I know I've gone down in size on clothing and portion size. Energy is up, too. BP was 102/65.

When the nurse took my weight and saw I hadn't lost, the best thing she could have done for me was say "You've got the larger band - so it can take 'til you're more filled than you are - but WAIT...look at how much you've lost!!" Think her name was Ruby - and now I love her!

We'll get there - it's just a journey that's sometimes made in the fast lane - and other times - like for me right now - it's down a long country road behind a Sunday driver.

(Fill #5 - at 8cc's in the VG Band - Down 73 lbs. I'm still lovin' this band!)


  • You should be lovin' that band of yours. I love mine. And "Ruby" is right you are doing great!

    By Blogger Hanane, at 11:21 AM  

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