I'm With The (Lap) Band

Friday, September 23, 2005

I found it!

I FINALLY understand the "Soft Stop." I now have 7.5 in my VG band and I've begun to "hear" the band saying "ENOUGH!" You are full - and you are full NOW.

It is completely different from getting stuck. I can get stuck after 1 bite. And I usually know what caused it - too much air 'cause I'm SO hungry to begin with that I gulp something down - or too little chewing - for much the same reason.

BUT, the Soft Stop thing is just what I always imagined being "Full" was like - but not yet stuffed. It's what I figure "normal" people feel.

Now - hearing and listening to that soft stop are two different things. I fight with the demons of "There's a bite on my fork - it needs to be eaten" and "I have to clean this plate." Even though that plate is one of my smaller plates - and it contains nowhere near what I used to put on a plate - I have to get over the fact that starving children are not going to benefit from me eating everything on that plate.

I'll get there - I AM getting there.


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