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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tough week - better weekend!

This has been a crazy week. Very busy at work and this last fill kicked in big time this week! Sunday, I kept trying to eat a bit of ham for Easter - but the band just doesn't like it.

Tuesday, I had 1/2 a chicken strip for lunch before the band rejected it - and then for dinner, I was ok eating my chicken and string beans - but then I just had to have a taste of Alek's Sweet & Sour Shrimp. That one piece sent me to the bathroom PB'ing for an hour or so. NOT fun! I think my hard ol' head has finally allowed my last piece of breaded anything! I spent Wednesday and Thursday doing pretty much a liquid/mushie diet to help appease the throat and band and now feel MUCH better!

I slept in late this morning. Yay!

Then, in an effort to make myself feel like I've really lost some weight here, I started trying on clothes in the closet. I've been hitting garage sales and the $1 sale at Larger than Life for the past few months and have several things that wouldn't come up over these hips.

Today, I was able to actually pull many of them up over the hips AND button and zip them! Some, I could even sit down in!!! (HA!)

I refuse to look at size numbers and get depressed. I have a pair of Size 32 pants on right now - but they are "regular" material with a zipper and buttons - and they FIT! AND - I'm wearing them out of the house when I leave in a few minutes!! They are even white! (I'm usually a believer in the theory that big girls shouldn't wear white pants- not too crazy about the Michellin Man look!)


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