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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"Last Meal Syndrome"

Ever since I found out the surgery has been approved, I kept thinking about the things I wanted to eat - those things that they say can be a problem for bandsters.

Ribeye steak was #1 on my list. Pasta was a close second.

I gave myself the 6 days between hearing about approval and getting started on the Myocel tomorrow to have a few things that I thought I might never eat again.

I also told myself I didn't want to go crazy with it! No need to pack on a few more pounds with the humongous amount I already have to lose.

Last Friday, the office had lunch brought in and it was pasta - so that took care of that meal. I had a little of the spaghetti and manicotti they had and that was it.

Over the weekend, eating was crazy since it was moving time - and I honestly can't remember much of what we ate. It was definitely not indicative of "last meal syndrome" since I ate several things that I will be able to eat when banded - mexican, chinese veggies and the like.

Monday night, I went to the Chinese buffet and had my last Sesame Balls - I don't know how those things would EVER go through the stoma.

Tuesday night, I wanted my ribeye. Alek and I got to Salt Grass for dinner and I was determined that I wanted a whole 16 oz-er to myself. But when I sat down, I thought, WHY? So, he and I shared the 16 oz steak - and he even had enough to take to lunch the next day!

Yesterday, I didn't have anything out of the ordinary. Bought french fries twice and probably had 3 fries out of each batch.

I am ready for this! BRING IT ON!


  • Hi,

    I am in the process of researching the Band. I found your blog in my web search. I was wondering why you wouldn't be able to eat Mexican food. If I get the Band does that mean no Mexican, Thai, Indian, or stuff liket that?

    Thanks for sharing your story with me!!


    By Blogger Michelle, at 1:14 PM  

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