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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Loving Bandlandia!

Have I said enough about Cynthia Jones and Bandlandia? She's such a peach!

After my frustration rant the other day, she contacted me and then contacted the Doctor's insurance department to help nudge them along. Of course, they still didn't have my H.Pylori test - that I had done back in September - nor the nutritional assessment - that I had done in October.

With Cynthia's help, I was able to put the nutritionist in contact with the doctor's office to get the report sent out to them - and was able to get the word out to them (as I had told them in early October) that I had already had the H.Pylori test done.

Again....I feel back on track. I may drive everyone crazy from this point 'til the date of surgery, but I'm determined not to fall through any office cracks again!!


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