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Friday, August 12, 2005

This is what I get for even THINKING about buying another purse!

So I'm heading to NYC for work next week.

The only flight that wasn't astronomically priced has me leaving here at 6:45 am on Sunday morning - getting to Newark (of all places) at 1 pm. I thought - ok, I'll get to town, check in and then head out to walk around Chinatown and find me a purse I might like...and just stroll around the city before I have to get up and go to work on Monday morning.

I come home last night from a dinner with friends and I'm doin' something nice by freecycling a shoe rack. I get the shoe rack to put out on the porch for this gal's daughter to pick up and BAM! I'm closer to the step than I realize - or I just momentarily forgot it was there - and POP! MAJOR Pain...there goes my right foot!

I iced it and slept with it propped - and after a day at work where it just didn't get any better - I finally spent the latter part of the afternoon in the ER having an X-Ray of the sucker. (Love that Presby Hospital in Allen - great staff! Cute doctor.)

Thankfully, I have no broken bones - just a major sprain with some of the ligaments torn (I think that's actually the same thing) - but I can't do my newly started exercise routine for 3-6 weeks. At least I can still swim - but I can't do all of my water aerobics things, either. Ugh!

The doc wanted me on crutches - but I'm not coordinated enough to walk with them. I'm going to try to get a cane somewhere. Otherwise, It's just icing it for 72 hours (which will be fun to try to accomplish on a flight with a sprint from one plane to the next on a short Chicago layover), keeping it elevated (which the people on my flight are going to really enjoy) and taking the Vicodin (yay!) when I need it.

Worst of all - I can't walk to get my new purse.

Alek will be so disappointed in that. NOT! (Hey, maybe he moved that step...)


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