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Monday, November 01, 2004

More on the house

Whew...I've always dreaded this part of homeownership - finding something wrong with the place and realizing you can't call "management." I AM management!

Seriously, we're very lucky with the house - most of it is in great shape. The sellers did do an amazing job of camoflaging a few things - like a fire wall in the fireplace that needs to be replaced but was covered up with a big fern - holes in the walls that were covered up with big paintings. Both should be easily fixed - the walls already are.

We got the new flooring put in - laminate wood flooring throughout the house - except the bathrooms - and it makes it look so much bigger!

We ordered our new living room furniture today - on sale - YAY! We're getting denim furniture. With the colors we've chosen, it will be beautiful.

We've been painting today - and will again on Wednesday. We're taking a day off tomorrow for our church community group and some packing. Wednesday evening, we'll hit it again.


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