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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ramblings for a Thursday...

Well, Cynthia at Bandlandia sent my info to Dr. Maese's office to get set up with him last week and I had my first appointment with him yesterday.

What a quaint office - quite a drive from Plano to Ferris - but he's opening an office in Dallas next week, so I'll not have to make that drive again. (Although, it almost felt like going to the doctor's office when I was a kid - to a country doctor who saw just about everybody for everything. I loved it - minus the fact that the A/C wasn't working.

While driving down to Ferris, I was listening to voice mail and there was a message from Holly at Dr. J's office - letting me know that she had read on my file that I had some problems with the insurance people in the office and was wanting to talk to me to hopefully get my business back. Now, Holly and Natalie are the only two in that office that I've felt comfortable with in this whole process - and I will call her to talk to her about the whole thing so maybe someone else won't have the experience I've had. For anyone reading this who is considering Dr. J, I never questioned his abilities. I believe he is an excellent surgeon. I just want to know I can trust who is giving me my aftercare...and with the craziness that I had to deal with over the last few months made me not trust it for me. I'm not sure I want to be my doctor's "business." I want to be a patient. I believe that there IS a difference.

Anyways....I met with Dr. Maese yesterday and am completely confident that he and I will get along after surgery by Dr. Benavides. He was going to dictate my letter within 24 hours of my visit and have it transcribed and out to the insurance company soon.

He said that they would use the 11 inch band on me...and gave me hope....and the cardinal rules for his practice - 1. Visit his office 1 x per month for the first 6 months after surgery and 2. If there's any time I can't swallow, have extreme pb's, etc. I am to be in his office at 8 the next morning.

I can follow that...

I feel like I'm on the road again!


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