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Monday, August 16, 2004

Insurance Requirements...yet again.

I'm a bit frustrated with the surgeon's office. They seem to have lost an insurance person and I'm not sure the new person konws what needs to be done for the letter of medical necessity! Ugh!

I was NOT happy with her on Friday. What she got out of the conversation with the Insurance Co was that I had to spend 6 more months being on a diet from my doc's office and I had to have a drug test to show I'm not addicted to cocaine or any other illegal drugs. When I called to question the insurance company, they told me that the letter from the surgeon (for medical necessity) had to indicate that a doctor had been monitoring my weight for more than 6 months and that my psych eval had to indicate that I had no documented drug or alcohol addictions. What a difference!!

I'm trying to get all of my records faxed to the surgeon's office so I can talk to them again tomorrow - and hopefully get this started again.

Now that I know that my insurance company will only take up to 5 days to get an answer out to us, I know that the ball was dropped elsewhere and hopefully we can get it rolling in the right direction now.


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