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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

More on Sabine

They aren't sure exactly what caused her to get sick - but feel like it was a bacterial infection of some sort. They scared me when they threw out the "Parvo" word on Saturday, but they were able to rule that out. Thank God! (Evidently they can still get it even when they have had all of their vaccines.) Dr. Carver told me that we did the right thing, though, in bringing her in when we did 'cause he was able to catch it early and keep her from going through a really rough time.

When I went to pick her up yesterday, she literally leapt up in my arms and gave me a good five minutes of kisses. She was still kind of tuckered out - but you could tell she was so glad to be back home. She'd go from my lap in the recliner to her favorite place laying on the back of the couch with her nose poked through the blinds.

I was able to sleep last night knowing that she was back there with us.


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