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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Insurance Requirements

Just got a call from Dr. Jay's office.  My insurance (Definity Health) requires me to get a psych evaluation and a letter of medical necessity.  So, now I have a To-Do list...

  1. Get CBC and Chem-7 Results from Dr. Nguyen.
  2. Go for Stress Test - Scheduled for July 26 at the HeartPlace.
  3. Get letter of Medical Necessity - Dr's office takes care of that.
  4. Psych Eval with Natalie Cook - July 28 at 9 am.

All is on the road for a go...with work and all that is going on here, I'm shooting for September 20th as my day for the surgery and taking that week and maybe a day or two after that off for "me" time.


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