I'm With The (Lap) Band

Thursday, August 12, 2004

My Endocrinologist...

I went to see Dr. Lahkian today. She had asked me once before if I had ever thought about WLS - but I had only heard of the bypass and was - and still am - against it for me. I thought she'd be happy about the Lap Band...but she could only give me the negatives and failure rates associated with it.

I know I need to hear what could happen - both good and bad - but I thought she'd be more supportive. I still love her! She's one of the best docs I have ever had.

I was not happy with my blood sugar count - when I went in last week it was up to 126. I've been taking the glucophage for over a year now, and it just seems like my blood sugar just goes up and up. I was happy to hear that when I have the surgery, I will be getting off the medication on the day of surgery - then we'll see where I am in December.

If I never have to buy another one of those bottles of pills again, I'll be happy!


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